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Talent management

Myungjin spares no support for employees.
Firstwe support stable life
  • Retirement pension (IBK DC type)
  • 4 major insurance
  • Health checkup
  • Support for various congratulations and condolences
  • Support for business activity costs (sales and others)
SecondWe want to reciprocate the passion of the employees.
  • Incentives
  • Awards for good proposal
  • Complimentary relay award
  • Long-term service award
  • Holiday gifts
Thirdwe respect the self-development of employees.
  • OJT
  • Job ability improvement education
  • Invited training (10 times a year)
  • school expenses support
  • In-house club management
Fourthcommute to work easily.
  • Foreign dormitory
  • Monthly vehicle fuel costs
  • Commuting bus
FifthWe provides the best environment to work comfortably.
  • Common room and meeting room
  • Seasonal workwear.
  • Cafeteria
  • Free drinks and snack
SixthThe best welfare is an unnoticed vacation.
  • Day- off and half day-off
  • Maternity and parental leave
  • Summer resort