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We provide the best service and technology among the industry as the global No.1 company MYUNGJIN CO., LTD.

We''re specializing in Steel Wire and Stainless Wire process and have been committed to the field of Wire processing since foundation in 1978
Since starting business with Hanssem Co., Ltd., Hyundai Livart Co., Ltd. and Enex Co., Ltd in 1986, we have maintained continuous business and we're at the Top in the field of kitchen accessories.
Also, We're manufacturing and supplying such as air conditioning protection nets, refrigerator shelves, etc. to Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Co., Panasonic Corp., Lotte Alminium Co., Ltd.
We will do the best with all executives and employees by competitiveness securement through global best quality.

Global leading company that creates residential culture Best style for your life
  • WIre parts(kitchen, electronics)
    hardware and accessories for storage furniture for convenience of kitchen work and efficiency of storage space
    Refrigerator racks, baskets and air conditioner cover for business (95% market share in domestic market)
    Various types of dish drying racks and kitchen storage accessories
  • Aluminum parts
    Product development by combining 'eco-friendly aluminum' material
    Kitchen sink light and accessories using aluminum, aluminum door, fingerboard-type dish drying rack
  • Powdering product parts
    Various standard product surface treatment possible
    Construction of automatic transfer and mass production system by conveyor system
    High quality with powdering technology accumulated over many years
    Implementation of a smart factory by applying an automatic spray system using a robot
  • Construction Materials parts
    Building materials and hardware for home kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.
    Main items are kitchen furniture and general furniture hinges, drawer materials, rails and accessories used in bathrooms at competitive prices
Myungjin will lead a new Korea with the best value for customer's safisfaction
category details
company MYUNG JIN CO., LTD.
property 53,509,000,000 won (2019)
capital 2,000,000,000 won
business license number 131-81-72748
CEO Jeon Jae Kwon
Types of business manufacturing (steel products, Powder coating and others)
main products Kitchen and furniture accessories, Air conditioner protection net, Refrigerator shelf , Powder and PE coating.
headquarter/branches 34, Cheongneung-daero 389beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (77BL 5LOT Gojan district, Southeastern industrial complex 77BL 5LOT)
scale plottage approximately 4,000 m²/ structures approximately 6,611 m²
date of foundation October 10, 1978
contacts Tel : +82-32-815-5555 / +82-32-712-5555, Fax : +82-32-815-0111
full-time employee 163 people (as of December, 2019)
We are getting ready for yet another progress - We are currently about to move to a larger facility in Gumdan,with the investment of 47.5 billion won. We will rebuild ourselves with new smart facilities, advanced working environment and better employee walfare.

47.5 billion won investment on Gumdan industry complex in total

  • land purchase cost 28.5 billion won
  • construction cost 15 billion won
  • investment on facilities 4 billion won


Category Content ETC
project Gumdan manufacturing complex construction  
location Oryu-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea  
district A general indutrial area. A class 1 district unit plan, general industrial complex  
length of the road 22M  
plottage 12,491㎡  
building area 6,317㎡  
gross area B1~5F : 22,340㎡  
building-to-land ratio 50% Legal standards : 70%
oor-area ratio 170% Legal standards : 350%
usage Factory(Storage/office)  
scale 4F(Manufacturing building) / 5F(Office building)  
structure Steel frame  
landscaping area (N/A)  
vehicle capacity 118 Parking  
septic tank Sewage treatment plant connection  

Area table

Category Floor Area Purpose ETC
factory district 1F 5,449 1,648 Factory(general factory) PE Coating Line
2F 4,941 1,494 Factory(general factory)  
3F 3,830 1,158 Factory(general factory)  
4F 3,637 1,100 Factory(storage) 4F Rooftop parking lot
Rooftop 158 47
Total 18,017 5,450    
office district 1F 840 254 Factory(storage)  
2F 840 254 Factory(office/executive office)  
3F 840 254 Factory(cafeteria/staff lounge)  
4F 840 254 Factory(lab/exhibition center/conference room)  
5F 840 254 Factory(dormitory)  
Rooftop 95 28
Total 4,295 1,270    
security district 1F 27 8 Factory(security office)  
Total 27 8    
Total 22,340 6,729